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Designer coat


1. Elements
Inspired by Spring Festival 2019, the print borrows the current trend of using Chinese characters to showcase the spark between Chinese characters and fashion. The doorknocker print uses a technique that plays between virtual and reality. The Chinese-style blade and the odbo brand logo are also incorporated into the design. Chinese-style elements are paired with English words in an interpretation of the combination of Chinese and Western styles.

2. Understanding the details
Suitable for jet-setting business travellers who are low-key fashion-lovers. Oversized fit makes it easy to wear and highly inclusive, lending a confident yet modest look. The hood can be folded in easily to alter the neckline and create a distinctive shape. Cuffs can be adjusted easily for different looks at different times. Use the zipper in the middle of the back to turn the versatile jacket into a bag. A forward-looking piece that showcases unique personality and strong functionality.

Note: Although it can be turned into a bag, the item is still different from bags made of other materials as it is made using windbreaker material. Although the bag is waterproof, we recommend you to only use it for daily necessities. Please do not use it to carry heavy items.

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