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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

  • Credit cards
    • Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB
  • Paypal


  • We currently only accept orders in HKD.
    • Credit cards will be debited in HKD, and thus, due to exchange rates, the final price will be calculated in the applicable exchange rate the day the credit card company processes the transaction.


  • Shipping costs are country specific and are calculated at checkout when selecting the country to which to ship, different prices may occur. This is as a result of either changes in currency or due to different pricing in different countries.


  • Items shipped to hong kong include taxes and duties within the stated product price. Customers from other countries may be charged for taxes, duties and import fees under their country’s law and will not be reimbursed by odbo.
  • When ordering within EU, all additional charges such as VAT/tax and duties are included in the given price.
  • When ordering in the US, Sales tax is applied to your order.
  • For orders to the US VAT/Tax and duties are included in the given price for orders under $800. For orders above $800 VAT/tax and duties will be applied.



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